A thought came to mind this morning,
I love costumes by the way… And they’re great pieces I have always admired.. Not particularly for a desire to wear them or own them, but the intricacy with which several stones are embellished. Diverse colours carefully but firmly riveted onto a metal framework ensuring they never fall out… Perhaps some powerful adhesives are used to hold the beautiful stones down.
Oh and the array of them, there must be a principle informing the sequence of colours in the outlay… For under light, it gives off an overwhelming spectrum… Bold but lighted up reflections.. Sometimes I wonder if the stones are luminous or have light trapped within them that answers to external light and shows off its hidden light…as a peacock strutting across the fields with its feathers stretched out..
I’d love to meet a jeweller someday… I can already see how interesting and intriguing our conversation would be.
He or she would have a lot of explaining to do.
It’s my admiration for costume pieces that makes
me completely understand why they are deposit worthy… I read of them being hidden in safes, banks restricted areas …. First as stones and afterwards as jewelry… In the hands of the seller even the owners.
A friend once made a joke to me about having a relative whose jewelry got delivered minutes before her departure for an occasion. And yes it would often be escorted by a throng of security officers and so would she once adorned with the piece.
The job scope of the security personnel- guide the lady and the piece!
Hold that thought!
Now that’s exactly who we are in Christ Jesus! God’s priced costume! In fact, the holy Spirit just like the security personnel is constantly in us and with us. It’s a security concept from heaven where the security mechanism is entrenched…embedded… Present but not seen by physical eyes.
Science and technology are beginning to get the idea planting chips internally for surveillance and monitoring. They cannot catch up though.
So friends, you see. We have a security system that cannot be breached!
No, not by sicknesses, not by robbers, not by death, not by loss, not by barrenness, not by shame… It’s a one fits all kinda thing! Point is it’s not about us…its natural to our divine nature.
I agree with you, it defies the natural fallen order of things around earth… So yeah, you’d have pockets of resistance showing up to say the contrary.
For some its a type of sickness saying…. I have a part in your body, for some a difficulty in business saying you’re not getting past me, for others it’s challenges saying I have a right in your marriage, or fear saying I have space in your mind….fill in your blanks.
That’s where our faith responds… It speaks to these things… Saying oh no! You didn’t get the memo? I don’t live according to the law of life and death anymore…the natural order has been suspended on my account. I now live by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus!
I’ve found they’re hard of hearing….so lots of times, I have had to speak to them again and again and again and again… Highlighting scriptures – they’re the amendments, acts, articles and schedules in our constitution as believers – u gotta know them, lest your rights get trampled upon.

Some days, I wake up and find they’d packed up and gone… And I’m like… Whoa! Finally… So I take the hearing aid from that situation and put it in the ears of the next situation and I am back to speaking to it… No shifting grounds… I keep at it, till I’m heard!
There’s no way I’m getting short changed of anything – and I mean anything that Christ died, was buried and resurrected for!
Concerning the ills of life, its a futile hide and seek game for all believers who declare the word and stand in faith – they’ll always turn up as NOT FOUND.
For who can find what God has hidden in his Son?


For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
Colossians 3:3 (NKJV)


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