Truth quit dancing and gimme my phone before the caller hangs up.
My nephew… He had a way of making my heart twirl with his cute grins…he handed me the phone and scuttled away before I could catch him…the boy could pass as a definition for energy!
“Hi didi”
“Yeah Hello and Good morning. I’m sorry I don’t have this number, Please who am I speaking with?”
“This is Terrence.Remember?”
“Errm not really.Could you help me recall…where did we meet? Any mutual friends? I’m sorry, I hope its not too much to ask?”
“No worries at all.We worked together at the NNPC towers in 2008 during our six months IT. You  were assigned to work with one of the enterprise solution architects but I worked with the Enterprise design and presales team.”
” we gisted a couple of times but I really remember us hanging out once during the deployment of ABU Zaria’s data center, video conferencing and VoIP solution. You assisted with  configuring AfriTek’s VoIP with IVR, GSM gateways and DIDs.”

“Slow down dude…that’s pretty accurate… How come I don’t remember you at all..I’m really sorry. I do recall there were several IT guys in presales but its tough to say which one is you….I’m not really good with names. Errrm any thing else that could jerk my memory?”

“Well, we met during the British Chevening scholarship exams last year and I gave you and a couple of mutual friends a lift after the exams… Turns out it was just Jude that qualified for the scholarship.”

“Yeah Jude… In fact I haven’t spoken to him in quite a while. Whoa, I should remember you but not one picture comes to mind.
Are you in town? We could meet up if its fine with you.”

“Errrm, where do u stay?”

“I’m in Enugu at the moment with my elder brother…just resting a bit and then tidying up things with my GM before I head back to uyo”.

“Wow, that’ll be great then…cos I’m in Enugu too. I passed the EMC Technologies scholarship exams so I’m running the Masters program here”

“congratulations bro. You’re probably one of ’em Jackos”

He laughed so hard…I didn’t see the possibility of a come back…
“Tell that to the birds… We know of your works in Texas A&M…uh huh…The only African and the only lady to bag a distinction in 2010 MSC class… Gold fishes don’t hide Edidiong Bassey!”

“Now, this isn’t fair…how do u know all that..we need to hook up soon so I can get even”

“Yeah we should ASAP. Thanks for your time, it was great catching up with you…feels like 6 months IT was just yesterday.”

” Hahahahahaha yeah right! It was really nice talking with you Terrence. I look forward to meeting with you in person. Thanks for the call.”

“You’re welcome…cheers ma’m”

“Yeah cheers.”
My ears were warm from almost an hour of close cuddling with my phone… Terrence…Terrence… Terrence…
He probably had some other name cos I didn’t remember any one with such a name… I wasn’t much of an extrovert anyway…. I could count my friends with just one hand…
Well well, show thyself mr Terrence.

Our homework sessions were really exercise breaks cos half the time was spent chasing him around and trying to get him to sit still and write on the dotted lines.
He grinned and did the eye goggles gesture with his hands…
I couldn’t stop the smile…
Come here you cute little bunch..
It was time to get our homework completed!

A man who has friends must himself be friendly,[a] But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24


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