I hit the test button on the megohmmeter but the display was blank…I checked the cable connections and hit the button again…nothing! Troubleshooting mode switched on…point to point verification ….checked! Source connection ….ouch! My meter is still switched off…
I have always placed great priority on hearing from God…well not particularly personally but more like through consulting…asking pastors who had been known to relay several messages of guidance…provision…marriage…healing and the likes.. I have always believed that if I could hear from God…I was made!
Ours was a public engagement…. My fiancée is a sailor you see…..he is away most of the time at sea but thanks to social media and the internet as we know it….we always keep in touch. Ours was a romantic proposal….on one of his long sails to the Philippines, his ship had faced many fierce storms…not once did he admit his deep concerns but it was evident in how he requested more often that I say a prayer for him. He didn’t need to remind me actually…he’d become my buddy in such a short space of time… One of those occasions when you nicely but surely kept an acquaintance at a distance…for reasons you couldn’t win a logical argument about… but you just knew that something about them meant trouble. And in the end, u find they’re really not what u perceived they were like..Amartek was set to celebrate the crew in a dinner exclusively for the blue blood’s in the south eastern region…
I couldn’t believe I had been invited…why didn’t he tell me in time? I went pretty dress hunting… I can’t say it didn’t feel awkward cos I’m more of a Jean..T-shirt ..chocks n a face cap kinda girl… You know what they say… There’s a first time for every thing!
Between managing to walk the distance in my wedge heels and wondering if he’d like my hair…my choice of earrings…if I’d run into someone I knew…I was already close to panting..I made to wipe the beads of sweat off my face and my friend’s warning came to mind…”you don’t wipe sweat with your bare hands when you use brown powder…you have to dab with a tissue” phew….the energy one put in to look the part of a lady!
Who are you here for? Capt Taiwo I said… I was walked across the large hall to the very front where there were tables for two…there he was… In his naval attire… He looked like he was meant for the magazine or some sculpt not to be touched…. Just admired. He lifted me firmly and wrapped his arms around me… His colleagues cheered.
I hid my face in the crook of his arm. I was soo shy.
I smoothened out my dress and tried to seat as I often saw in the prim n proper movies…. Talk wasn’t easy…we couldn’t help but just stare at each other …grinning from ear to ear…we weren’t saying anything but it felt like we were saying a lot.
Time flew past and soon plaques were being given to several members of the crew…. Captain Taiwo Oladipupo….his name came thru the P.A system….
Recognition for excellent situation management, precision and uncommon technical expertise… A standing ovation and an applause filled the hall as he strode towards the podium… He thanked several members of the crew and then he said he wanted to use the opportunity to acknowledge a very special person to him…one who saw him through those tough times… Edidiong Bassey! I willed the ground would open and be my shelter for a minute while his colleagues chanted….Didi! Didi! Didi! Didi!
I was shy…excited…amazed all at once…I didn’t know whether to smile or cry or just run to the bathroom. .and then he went on to tell about, how he hasn’t been the same ever since I came into his life as he walked towards me…. Then he went down on one knee and I couldn’t bear the sight of him kneeling there… Our arms were so firmly clasped around each other …..the applause …the crowd…the cheering….I really didn’t hear him ask…..will you ….? He took out a pink little box and put circle of consistent diamonds on my finger.
OMG! Taiwo…that’s all I could get out…. The rest was a blur….the party…. OMG I’m getting married…… Really?


And thine ears shall hear a word behind
thee, saying, “This is the way; walk ye in
it,” when ye turn to the right and when ye turn to to the left.
Isaiah 30: 21


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