The sheets creased at each stroke…
willing the water against my face
be an athlete’s refreshing gulp to my broken soul….the mattress dips as i toss and turn in bed

It’s 5:00AM, my joints ache
my soul is beginning to share some of it with its container
I see me all kitted up and busy about the lab
i wrap the duvet a bit tighter around myself
perhaps, it can keep a bit of the pain away

i heard he is a deceiver
i heard he is a destroyer
i heard he is a woman and i am the man
i heard the resc

ue team is around the corner
i heard its time to run from the fire

the loudness of the silence
it’s deafening
I see my soul cringing at the shriek
my feet can’t find the zeal to step away from the heat
i don’t see the flame

but hey, its just me …special
little wonder he holds on tenaciously
ain’t that what deceits about
the fierce grip of the predators teeth on the prey’s flesh

my face is wet
not with sweat
the container is filled and letting out some
my eyes are the schosen outlets
its the beginning of heart wrenching sobs



From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.


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