So, I am at a cross road…. I have always been big on hearing God speak through people or to me through dreams and all that… Every major decision I have made has been hinged on that or the lack of understanding of that….smilesss

So back in High school, I had this dream about walking down some aisle with a tall man…while the crowd applauded with a standing ovation…together we unveiled some form of work. At the time, I had recently received the form to choose my course of study at Uni and I was just asking God to confirm if he really wanted me to be a medical doctor or to be something else. So I woke up from the dream thinking… it can’t be medicine, it should be something more computer related or design related…i didn’t remember exactly what it was but I took a chance at what I perceived to be God’s leading…and I penned down Electrical Engineering and Civil engineering as Uni course options. Don’t let me bore you with the disappointment that rocked my mother and the family who were already taking pride in advance of the astute medical doctor I was going to become…..looooool

put three more of such experiences together…I will get back to them and now, here I am in love…well not really in love…like mushy type love but…firm…stable…decisively certain that I have met a friend and co-heir with Christ whom I could say yes to if only he would get around to asking. I am pretty certain that God approves, come on…there’s no reason he wouldn’t. This is like the one thing I am so certain of…winks…looool

I am in the service after several months of being away… It’s odd how the blessing has appeared to take me away from fellowship with other believers… it’s like a fresh experience lifting my hands in worship…I sit staring as the minister is animatedly teaching the word with so much emphasis on obedience. Just when I am about to stretch as the service is being closed… the minister says…. please step out.

it’s a mixture of concern and shock and more like…ohkay…what’s this about? I step out to the front of the church. He asks my pastor is anyone knows me and the respond in the affirmative. He then says, your mind is made up for the wrong cause! you have chosen without God’s approval! The one that your mind is set upon is but a deceiver and that deceit is so deep, you cannot discover it until the nuptials are completed… will you heed God’s warning and flee or be stiffnecked and go along?

I broke out in sweat, it was out of custom to intercept a ministration to ask a question so i couldn’t… I had a million questions running through my mind… This is impossible. No God wouldn’t dare take this one from me, I mean why? how? I could vouch for him…there is no way he is a deceiver. So I left the church in confusion…..

What could this mean? what was God saying?


I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8




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